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What is metalhealth?

Metalhealth is a new and unique training programme for bilateral exercises through smithing and jewellery making, aimed at improving flexibility and strength in patients or clients. Metalhealth is developed by Michal Greenberg-Abrahami and Susanne Boger, who are classically trained as jewellers and designers - also for special needs - and...

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Who are we?

We are a team of two classically trained goldsmiths, who started early in our careers looking beyond the art of gold and silver smithing. Having shared a bench during our studies in London, we found out many years later that we were both interested...

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What are we doing?

We offer introduction workshops for our Metalhealth programme for rehabilitation centres, hospitals, medical staff, physio therapists, occupational therapists, art therapists, etc. During these workshops we will teach how to do metalwork exercises with patients. We show bilateral jewellery making exercises, ...

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Courses and Seminars

Here you will find all the information about our next courses and seminars. Alternatively, you can arrange your own appointments at any time or initiate a new course.

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How to get in touch?

As true cosmopolitans, you can contact us both online and offline at the most diverse places in the world. Use one of the many contact options that the world wide web offers you or get to know us personally at our seminars or courses.

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Enjoy it! Feb 26

Susanne does magic! Her sense of what beauty is, does wonders with our senses. Her creativity with colour and material goes straight to my heart and brain! I can imagine that her work has very healing effects.

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  • Prof. Dr. M. Yazdanbakhsh
  • University Leiden, Netherlands

I did enjoy Susanne's workshops at the Autscape congress. Susanne's jewellery workshop was great fun and a creative chance to learn new skills and feel a sense of real achievement having something lovely to take home one has made oneself.

Dinah Murray image
  • Dinah Murray
  • LSE Department of Social Policy, UK

It is a pleasure to attend this special kind of therapy, it just makes me happy. Susanne is a warm and understanding teacher, who focuses on the movements of the hands and knows about the tools and exercises that can be used by rheumatoid patients.

Lydia Tauwnaar image
  • Lydia Tauwnaar
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

I liked the classes and the vibe so much, I decided to take up jewellery making professionally. During the classes, each one got enough one on one time, yet sometimes we all gather around Susi for her to show us a new technique.

Myria Nikolaidou image
  • Myria Nikolaidou
  • Cyprus